Dust and chippings are fed into the briquette machine and constantly mixed to ensure consistency before being pulled into the pressing chamber.

Here a number of hydraulic rams compress the sawdust at very high pressures, at this point the combination of the pressure and the subsequent heat causes the lignin, a complex chemical found naturally in wood, to liquefy and bond the sawdust together.

The briquette is then pushed through the exit nozzle where it cools and hardens before being ejected from the machine measuring approximately 5cm diameter by 5-8cm long.

There is nothing added to our briquette so you can be confident when burning.

Available in single bags or in large dumpy bag containing 30 bags of briquettes.

Free delivery (subject to area please ask for details) on orders of 30 bags or more, can be a mixed order to include kindling.

Large 10kg bag.